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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Don't choke on the dust!!

Good heavens it's been a while!!!

October... that's when I last posted.

Is anyone still there???

Ok, lets blow off the dust and give a little recap.

Thanksgiving was uneventful, but nice. Christmas was fun and although we wanted a white  Christmas we didn't get one.... we did however get 8 inches of snow 6 days after Christmas.

James turned 11 .... ELEVEN people can you believe it!! And our hellin' child Swim turned 2. He is the spicy one in the family and he keeps us hoppin.

Charlotte is on the move, and we work daily to keep her out of things. Tommy has decided that he wants to go to Oxford, and Tim wants to own property. Benji... well... he quizzes us daily on all things dinosaur and shark related. {and I have convinced him that sharks need hugs... and sandwiches... to be happy}

I have been missing here because I have been writing over at Socks & Shoes NOT Required. I am working on making money blogging. I love to write and I feel like I have good things to say. But there are somethings I just didn't want to write here on this blog. I like that it is kept for the family things. And while I won't be hiding my family at S&SNR, I don't want to put them on display. I also like feeling like I can have this one here as more of a journal, and the other is more of a business.

I think I have things set up over there.... as much as I can right now... so I am hoping to be able to just write. Both here, about the family and kids and our days... and there with reviews and homeschool things and what every else strikes my fancy.

I am going to try to make this work... I think it will be hard, but I'm ok with that.... {as long as you are too.}

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear Daughter

My Dear Daughter,

 Many people will try to hold you back, many people will try to push you down, and put out your beautiful light. This world can be cruel to those that shine. There may even be people that are close to you that will try to hold you back.  

 I want you to know that I will fight for you. I will lift you up and I will hold your hand and guide you until you are ready to fly on your own. Any dream that you have, no matter how big and grand I will help you reach it. 

 And when the world and friends and even some family try to tell you that you can’t I will be the one to tell you that you can. I will be here to listen and to help. I will be here to nudge you forward, to get the negative thoughts out of you head so that you can fill your mind with your dreams, that you can fill your head with the realization that you, my beautiful girl, can do anything you want.

 Love forever,

Friday, October 17, 2014

Garden of the Gods

It was an overcast drizzle-y day. Steve was home and I was just feeling down. Steve made us all get dressed and put us in the car and drove us to Garden of the Gods.

Honestly I didn't really want t go. I wanted to curl up in a blanket and just be left alone. But Steve knows me well. Once I was outside I could feel myself feeling better.

My soul craves to be outside

The mountains sticking out of the ground were beautiful.

We had to sty on the trail most of the way but there was a place that we could climb around on the rocks. And Swim... he wanted to climb in and out of the stroller.... 

Little Miss all wrapped up {have I told you how much I love having a little girl??!!}

 A selfie of Tommy. He's not one for selfies... so a close up that is good is rare.
 I think this will be come a regular place for me.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eight is Great!

In September Tim turned 8. With that came the decision whether or not to be baptized. After an interview with the Bishop and some prayer, Tim decided to be baptized. He decided that he was ready to make covenants with the Lord.

Before we get to his baptism, let me tell you about my amazing Tim. When he born he was was fighting for his life. Born at 3lbs 7oz and with a little heart murmur he fought for every breath he took. After 7 weeks of being in the NICU he was able to come home. He was on oxygen and had other monitors hooked up to him.

You wouldn't be able to tell now. He is a spunky 8 year old and always has a smile. Except when he is sad... then his big blue eyes with dark eye lashes get all teary, and what ever he wanted you just have to make happen.

Tim was baptized by his dad, Steve. My mom gave a wonderful talk about baptism, and James and Steve's dad spoke on the Holy Ghost. It was small with just grandparents, and the Primary President, and the Bishop.

 {and an impromptu impersonation by Elvis... kinda}

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson came from Utah

And Grandam and Grandpa Mohr also came from Utah.
While Grandma and Grandpa Johnson flew and was able to spend a couple days with us, Grandma and Grandpa Mohr drove and we really only spent a couple hours with them. And then they got stuck trying to go over the pass. We are so happy they came even if it was for just a small time.

And sadly I didn't get any pictures of me and my son. What is that?? That's what I get for trying to take pictures of everyone.... 

{I think this is where the boys  get their crazy from}

It's what we do

The day of days.... again. I feel like we are always doing this... oh wait... we are.

Another day of packing and moving. Here we are on the last day we were in Orem. Orem wasn't my first choice as a place to live when we moved back to Utah, but I came to love this city. I was actually really sad to leave. This house, and this neighborhood had been god to us.

 Everything that is packed in the garage for Steve to come back and pick up.

Here is the trailer that I pack with the things that we would need for 2.5 weeks before Steve could come back and get the rest of our household goods. {Yes.... in this house Legos are a necessity}
While Steve was gone I pack an entire house, loaded the trailer, made sure that kids were fed... {at least twice a day} and I even slept a little.

And we are off! It took us 12 hours {way longer than it should have}, 5 stops, one car chase {not us} and only getting lost once before we made it to Colorado.

Here is where we will start fresh again. It's what we do.

S'more Day!

Did you know that August 6th is National S'more Day??? Well it is!! And - down at Utah Lake they were having FREE S'mores.... so we had to go and get some. It was awesome! I love S'mores!

And so do the boys.... especially Swim

 Little Miss was happy to fall asleep as the sun was setting.
 The boys were so happy with the free S'mores that I couldn't keep up with trying to take their pictures.... {that and trying to keep Benji from falling into the lake}
They had the fires going well into the night, but for us... heading out at 7:00 when this little one didn't have a nap was boarder-line crazy. We left before the crowds became to big and it was too over whelming for a napless little one.
S'mores make the world go 'round!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5 Temples.... 1 Day! {+1}

Back in August I had the opportunity to take the boys {and Charlotte... one day I'll get use to it} to the Ogden Temple open house. The temple in Ogden Temple has been around for a while, but they completely redid it! It doesn't look the same at all! Now before it is dedicated the temple is open to the public. Anyone and everyone can go through the Temple and ask questions and see what every endowed member sees every time they enter the walls of the temple. The boys had a lot of questions and it was so nice to be able to point things out to them and answer questions with a visual. {if you live near a Mormon Temple and they are having an open house I encourage you to go, it's free, and you will get to see and ask question about the temple}

{this picture turned out nice... I think I might frame it.}

Now we were living in Orem... And we drove all the way to Ogden... about an hour and a half drive to see the temple.... so I though why not just stop by the other temples on the way that we pass all the time. So we did. We stopped at 4 other temples that day....

We went to the Bountiful Temple... this one was closed for cleaning so we were outside of the gates for this picture. I went to the open house of this temple years ago after it was first built.

We went to the Jordan River Temple.... you can't tell but it was POURING! So I just had James jump out rather than to try to get everyone out without getting a sleeping Swim and Charlotte all wet.

 {and we were in the area so I took them by the school where I graduated from.... yup... looks the same}

There was the Oquirrah Mountain Temple.
And the Mt. Timpanogas Temple {this is where Steve and I got married}

 This is where our family started 14 years ago!!
By the time we got back to Orem every one was tired and hungry, and as much as well all love the temple, nobody was in the mood to drive to the Provo Temple.

So the day before we left for Colorado we made our way to Provo, we saw the new Provo Temple that is still under construction and then went to get a quick picture outside the Provo Temple.

I will miss being at the feet of so many Temples.

Monday, September 29, 2014

One Last Blessing

In July, right before the move we blessed Charlotte. It was a sweet blessing. Being that Charlotte is our last one watching Steve bless our last child was bitter-sweet.

We are not like others... we don't have a big party after the blessing, we keep it small and to the point. The men that stood in the circle to bless this sweet girl was Steve, Larry {Steve's dad}, my dad {who has been able to make it to each blessing that we have had for our children}, and a close friend, Issac. The blessing was beautiful, blessing her with strength, and wisdom. To have faith and t grow to be a beautiful woman, inside and out.

The blessing was beautiful... the pictures.... well.... what do you expect with 5 boys???

And then Swim moved.

One of Steve and I.... and Benji.

After the day was done I realized that I didn't have any pictures just of Charlotte. So naturally Iput her back in her dress and grabbed the camera.

Many people go all out and have long flow-y dresses that are beautiful.... but that's not me. I'm way more simple and the long gown with all the lace and buttons is just a bit much.

I found a simple white dress {which it does NOT have to be white} a cute sweater and a cute hair bow. A few ruffles and a bow. It's simple sweetness was beautiful to me.
 {she was loving her tongue}
 {my plan is to frame this dress and hang it in her room}

It was a wonderful day. Nothing big and over the top. But it was special for me. I feel so blessed to have this little girl in my life!

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